Why Horses?

Horses have been on the planet for 65 million years evolving a highly sensitized ability to read energy and intention allowing them to survive predation. A horse, burro or zebra who “second guessed” the intention of the lionesses or wolf pack was eaten.

Through energy interactions, passive and active round pen exercises, meditative grooming sessions and many other uniquely tailored and debriefed activities we tap into the horse’s highly evolved and sensitive natures allowing them to show us what needs to be released, rewritten or brought into our lives.


The horses are equal facilitators for these activities showing us in the most gentle way through their body language and responses how sessions should flow and what lessons are to be learned.

Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning is different than book learning as it is experienced at the cellular and energy level. This allows for new muscle memory and neurological pathways to be established immediately. Horses literally help us to “rewrite our stories.”

Osa Horse Medicine offers a variety of opportunities into Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning from private or group sessions; half day to 10 day workshops and retreats, new and full moon ceremonies, meditation and full moon rides and beach tours, reiki attunements and women’s empowerment circles.

Who benefits from EFEL?

Horses create positive change for all genres and ages of people from the “everyday” happy person who may have a “story” or experience that is blocking them from reaching their full potential; those dealing with PTSD, trauma or addiction and families and corporate teams looking to strengthen bonds, communication and leadership qualities.