Our Herd

We have the perfect mixture of horses for everyone including the local Costa Rican breed the criollo that combines paso fino, Spanish barb, Arabian and Andalusian as well as quarter horses.
We are constantly learning, researching and observing our herd to offer them the best natural health and lifestyle we possibly can. They live full time free range on grass pastures on 65 hectares with access to fresh mountain streams. They receive high quality grass hay, a variety of free choice salts, minerals and clays and snacks off the farm’s harvest including, but not limited to leaves and fruits of coconuts, banana, plantain, quadrato, mango, guanábana and papaya as well as whole food supplements like soaked cracked flaxseeds, oatmeal mashes, turmeric and fresh aloe.

Maria has over twenty years experience in a variety of body and energy work modalities including massage, reiki, myofascial release and cranial sacral and all horses receive bodywork sessions as needed. Maria has a background in herbology and integrates local plants and their healing medicines into the horses’s care as supplements, salves and insect repellents.
We believe strongly the barefoot way is the only way and all of our horses are metal shoe free! As many of our horses have been rescued from neglect and abandonment some are still rehabilitating from years of hoof neglect and may sometimes wear supportive boots to assist them through this process. We also believe no horse should ever carry metal in their mouth and so our horses ride in Dr. Cooks’ bitless bridles or bosals.